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Ethics of Examination Affairs Wu Tai-cheng 2009-12-25
Rethink the Public Pay System in Taiwan - Lessons from the U.S. Federal Pay Reform Lin Wen-Tsan & Tseng Hui-Chuan2009-12-25
A Personal View on the Management System of Public Service Pension Fund in the Republic of China Ko Fei-fung2009-12-23
An Analysis of Economically Targeted Investments by Pension Funds in the United States Ueng Ching-kuen2009-12-23
A Study of Public Service Pension Fund Operations Chang Che-shen2009-12-23
The Reform of Our Civil Service Examination under Global Environmental Policy Marketing Direction Fu Yueh-pang & Gau Wen-bing2009-12-23
From Region Governance Research the Legal Status of Township and Function Transformation Chang Kuei-mei2009-12-23
The Function of the Equality in the Civil Service Examination Regimes Wang Wen-jong2009-12-23
The Concept of Public Human Resource Development and Its Practical Implications Hsiao Yu2009-12-23
The Theory of " Duty Relationship under Public Law" and the Right to Appeal for the Living Allowances of the Public Servant Lee Hwai-tzong2009-12-23
Temporary Right Protection Mechanism for Civil Servants' Right in the Competitive Promotion Cases Lin Yuh-may2009-12-23
The Study of Human Resource Management Practices and Protection System in R.O.C Chiou Hwa-jiun2009-12-23
Ethics of Examination Affairs Wu Tai-cheng2009-12-23
On Regulatory Governance Sun Ben-chu & Cheng Kuo-tai2009-12-23
The Debates on the Foreigners' Right to Take Office as Public Employees in Japan Su Chun-pin2009-12-23
France Professions Systems and Foreign Qualifications Recognition Huang Ching-chang2009-12-23
The Significance of Manifesting Human Rights in the National Examination System Lee Cheng-chou2009-12-23
Analysis on Examination System under Globalization:Including Experience of the US, the UK, Japan and Korea Kuo Yu-ying & Su Wen-shin2009-12-23
Globalization and Reform of National Recruitment System Chang Shih-hsien2009-12-23
The Development of Examination Power from the Context of Civil Service System Reform Tsai Liang-wen2009-12-23