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Huang, Jong-Tsun

Jong-Tsun Huang


  • Dr. Jong-Tsun Huang is now the President of Examination Yuan, Honorary University Professor in China Medical University (CMU), and Professor Emeritus in National Taiwan University. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University, Carnegie-Mellon University, St. Louis University, and UCLA. He has served as President of Taiwan Psychological Association, Director General at the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences in National Science Council, Minister without Portfolio and the Executive Director for the Commission for 921 Earthquake Post-Disaster Recovery, Minister of the Ministry of Education, President of CMU, and President, Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT).


  • B. S. in Psychology, National Taiwan University

  • M. S. in Psychology, National Taiwan University

  • Ph.D. in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology, National Taiwan University


  • Member, American Psychological Association

  • Member of ARVO, NYAS, and AAAS

  • President, Taiwan Psychological Association

  • Executive Board Member, Taiwan Acoustical Association

  • President, Taiwan Acoustical Association (2012 ~ 2016)

  • President, Taipei Society

  • President, Y. T. Lee Foundation for Science Education

  • Consultant, Aviation Medical Center, Civil Aeronautical Administration

  • Member, Committee for Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Protection Agency

  • Member, Council on Education Reform in the Cabinet

  • 20 plus Research Awards (including 1991-1996 Research in Excellence Awards, 1996-1998 Distinguished Award), National Science Council

  • Advisory Board Member, Neurobiology and Cognitive Science Center, National Taiwan University

  • Advisory Board Member on the Humanities and Social Sciences, National Science Council

  • Executive Board Member, Academic Review Committee, Ministry of Education

  • President, Taiwan Association of University General Education

  • President, Foundation for the Advancement of Private Schools (2005-2011)

  • Co-Chair (with Allen Houng), Local Organizing Committee, 12th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC 12), June 19-22, 2008, Taipei.

  • Co-Chair (with Chien-Chung Chen), Organizing Committee, 2010 Asia-PacificConference on Vision, July 23-26, 2010, Taipei.

  • Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Journal of Psychology

  • Editor-in-Chief, Health and Society: A Journal for Dialogue (2013 ~ 2018 )

  • Topic Editors (with YC Chiu, CH Lin, and JR Duan), Frontiers in Psychology (Iowa Gambling Task (IGT): Twenty Years After) (2013 ~ 2017 )

  • Topic Editors (with YC Chiu and CH Lin), Frontiers in Psychology (Iowa Gambling Task, Somatic Marker Hypothesis, and Neuroeconomics: Rationality and Emotion in Decision Under Uncertainty ) (2018- )

  • Committee Member of Presidential Science Award, Presidential Cultural Award, and Science Committee in the Cabinet

  • Council on Academic Affairs, Ministry of Education (2008-2016 )

  • Council on Higher Education, Ministry of Education (2015-2018 )

  • Member, Academia Sinica Council (2014-2023 )

  • Distinguished Alumni, National Taiwan University (2013)

  • Medal of the First-Degree in Education (2014)

  • Chairperson, Selection Committee for Distinguished Medical Contributions (2015-2020)


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  • Psychology and Cognitive Science, Human

  • Perception and Decision Behavior, Education and University Administration.