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Strategic Analysis of Civil Service Recruitment in Taiwan , R.O.C:Lessons from USA , UK and Japan Ke Sun-jyi2009-12-23
A Study of Public Private Partnerships in the Europe Commission Sun Ben-chu & Cheng Kuo-tai2009-12-23
The Development and Research on Legislation of Courtesy of Former Presidents and Vice Presidents Tseng Ming-fa2009-12-23
Study on Reform of Government Policy of Contracted Personnel Tsai Liang-wen2009-12-23
From Academic Autonomy to Discussing the Corporate Feasibility of Public Universities Chang Kuei-mei2009-12-23
Efficiency, Accountability, Politics and Corporate Governance Liu Kun-e2009-12-23
Institutional Choice between Agency and Administrative Body Peng Ching-peng2009-12-23
The Enlightenment of Incorporation of National Universities in Japan and South Korea for Our Country's Legislation. Dung Bau-tscheng2009-12-23
The Analysis on the Ambit and Obligation of Recusal of the Public Servants Wang Wen-Jong2009-12-23
From Freedom of Information and Accountability Management Viewpoint, Inquiry to Create a Government Body Integrity and Against Corruption System Chan Yi-Long2009-12-23
Transformational Leadership and the Establishment of Incorruptible Culture in an Organization Guh Muh-Chyng2009-12-23
A Probe into the Whistle-Blowers Protection System Hsiao Wu-tung & Huang Sheng-Jen2009-12-23
A Study of the Anti-Corruption and Strategies Chiou Hwa-Jiun2009-12-23
On Corruption and Its Cure Lin Chung-Yi2009-12-23
Study on Public Administrative Ethics and Related Legal Systems Tsai Liang-wen2009-12-23
A Study of the Approaches Public Administrators Defining Public Interest Guh Muh-Chyng2009-12-23
An Empirical Study of Bureaucratic Behavior in the Public Choice Theory:A Case of Taipei Government's2009-12-23
The Study of Taiwan Public Servants??Benefits Formulation in Taiwan Chiang Iy-Shi2009-12-23
Public Human Resource Management and Development Strategies in Taiwan Hsu Ching-Fu & Lee Sung-Hsien2009-12-23
Flexible Welfare - The Latest Trend of Employee Welfare Development Tsai Chi-Hsian2009-12-23