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The independent power of examination is a unique feature of the political system of Taiwan (ROC).Article 6 of the Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China (Taiwan) states that the Examination Yuan shall be the highest examination body of the State, and is responsible for national examinations; the civil servant qualification screening, protection, bereavement compensation, and retirement functions, as well as legal matters regarding the employment, discharge, performance evaluation, scale of salaries, promotion, transfer, commendation, and award functions for civil servants. In keeping with the spirit of the nation’s Five-Power Constitution, which features the separation of powers among five yuans (branches of government) that are independent and have equal status, but also interconnected and mutually supportive, the Examination Yuan exercises independent authority and has equal status with the other four government branches (Organization Chart of the Central Government). As the competent authority for the legal system governing public sector personnel, the Examination Yuan is responsible for establishing a sound civil service legal system, inspiring civil servant morale, strengthening administrative neutrality, and ensuring that civil service personnel uphold ethical values. The Examination Yuan is also charged with assessing the qualifications of professional and technical personnel nationwide, as well as the management, planning and workforce adjustment functions for those human resources. The organization also handles matters related to the protection and training of public servants and encourages them to fulfill their duties faithfully and energetically, and keeps public service manpower abreast of modern developments.

To address rapidly changing times and international circumstances, the Examination Yuan seeks to fulfill President Tsai Ing-wen’s expectations as expressed in her inaugural address by leading its subordinate institutions including the Ministry of Examination, Ministry of Civil Service, and Civil Service Protection and Training Commission to identify the needs of society and government, and embrace transformation to become an effective national human resource department that cultivates the administrative and management talent a modern government needs to maintain the nation’s competitive advantage.

  • Ministry of Examination,R.O.C(Taiwan)
  • Ministry Of Civil Service ,Republic of China(Taiwan)
  • Civil Service Protection and Training Commission
  • Public Service Pension Fund Management Board
  • National Academy of Civil Service