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Ethics of Examination Affairs Wu Tai-cheng

Ethics of examination affairs refers to the professional ethics guidelines that are required to be followed by all personnel in handling a government examination. Government examinations recruit talent for the government and society, and examination quality is significantly important. This paper explores the examination affairs of Taiwan, studies and analyzes the examination evolution of 1912 till today, reviews the examination system and improvement practice to remember the painful experience of the past six years, and sums up the ethics of examination affairs of government examinations based on the four principals of open competition, fairness and impartiality, response to needs and strengthening of laws and regulations. In this paper, the author also presents several improvement methods to provide to the relevant departments, as references, with wishes for them to be implemented, so that government examination affairs can be handled in a better way.

Keywords:ethics of examination affairs, government examination, open competition, fairness and impartiality, response to need, strengthening of laws and regulations