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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website of the Examination Yuan of the Republic of China (hereinafter called This Website). Your personal privacy is absolutely respected and protected by this website. To help you understand how this website gathers, applies, and protects the personal information you provide, please read the following messages carefully.

1.Scope of Application: 
The following privacy policy applies to gathering, application and protection of your personal information while you stay on this Website. But it does not apply to all other government institution websites or websites that are linked to this website. Those websites linked to this website have their own privacy policies, and this website does not take any joint liability thereof. When you are using the services of other websites, please refer to their privacy policies for protection of your personal information.

2.Gathering and Use of Personal Information
2.1.For browsing and downloading only on this website, no personal information will be gathered. To use an on-line application service, you will be required by the relevant business agency to provide your latest and truthful personal information, including your name, ID No., phone number, e-mail address, postal address, and registered permanent address, etc. Should any information you provide be incorrect or false, this website has a right to refuse your application, or reject to provide all or part of the services. 
2.2.If you contact us via e-mail or using our on-line comment mailbox, we will keep a record of your message. This record is only kept for answering your questions or offering you the information you require. 
2.3.To improve the service quality, this website will gather information about users’ IP addresses, access time, and web pages browsed on this website for the sole purpose of analyzing website traffic and user behavior. The data will not be disclosed to any third party. In addition, the user behavior analysis is only conducted on users as a whole rather than on users individually. 
2.4.This website is obligated to protect users’ privacy. Without your approval, it will not revise or delete your on-line personal information or files, unless permitted by you in advance or in any of the following cases: 
2.41.You have violated the rules of this website by circulating untruthful comments, condemnations, or personal attacks.
2.42.Through legal access. 
2.43.To protect or safeguard related Internet users' rights or ownership. 
2.44.To protect the rights of related agencies on this website. 
2.5.The collection of personal information by this website is in line with the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant regulations. This website will absolutely not sell or lease your personal information to other groups, individuals or private businesses or exchange it with them, except for the following cases: 
2.51.To cooperate with legal investigations of the judiciary. 
2.52.To cooperate with the authoritative agencies for necessary investigations or usages.
2.53.Believing based on good intention that such disclosure is required by law or for administrative purposes that are deemed necessary to maintain and improve the website services.

3.Security of Personal Information
3.1.The server of this website is firewall-protected to prevent any illegal incursion, sabotage, or pilferage of the data. When you use the services offered by this website, all the information stored will be well protected to secure the completeness of your personal information. 
3.2.For your own rights and interests, do not disclose your personal information to any third party. Also, please keep in mind that any voluntary disclosure of your personal data on the Internet (such as discussion boards, message boards, chat areas, etc.) may be gathered and used by other people. You might receive e-mails from strangers.

4.Consultation and Protection about Privacy Policy
4.1.If you have any queries or comments about the above articles, you are welcome to send e-mail to the comment mailbox.
4.2.In case of violation of this Policy by any agency on this Website, you may report it to the comment mailbox.

5.Revision of Privacy Policy
This website may revise the privacy policy when necessary, and the revisions will be posted on this website.