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The Examination Yuan has a president, a vice president, and seven to nine commissioners, all of whom are special appointees nominated by the nation’s President for a four-year term of office upon confirmation by the Legislative Yuan. The organization also has a secretary-general and a deputy secretary-general who assist the president in handling day-to-day affairs. All policies and relevant major issues must be decided by the Examination Yuan Council.

The Examination Yuan has three subordinate bodies: the Ministry of Examination, the Ministry of Civil Service, and the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission. The Examination Yuan headquarters includes various departments, centers, offices, and committees that carry out their respective duties. Each unit is responsible for formulating policy guidelines and plans, as well as examination and personnel policies; reviewing examination and civil service administration policies, laws and statutes; and providing other administrative support. The various constituent units of the Examination Yuan actively work to strengthen policy-making functions as prescribed by law to ensure the quality of decision-making and administrative effectiveness.