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France Professions Systems and Foreign Qualifications Recognition Huang Ching-chang

Although there is a World Trade Organization, we still see regional trade agreements or free trade agreements in many parts in the world. European Union had adopted three kinds of Directives for all Member State nationals wishing to practise a regulated profession in a Member State other than that in which they obtained their professional qualifications. The transitory Directives provide a automatic recognition of professional experience for professions of craft, commerce and industry sectors. The sectoral Directives covering the seven professions of doctor, nurse, dental practitioner, veterinary surgeon, midwife, pharmacist and architect, allow for automatic recognition of professional qualifications. And finally, the general systems Directives rule on mutual recognition which applies to all other regulated professions for which Member States require a qualification. Under this EU framework, France regulated professions have devised different qualification recognition systems for different nationalities and different diplomats delivered by different countries.
This paper studies the regulated professions systems in France, as well as the training systems before the professionals qualified to exercise. Then the author focuses on the France arrangements for foreign qualification recognition. It is hoped that the France experience can be referred when this country tries to proceed in the efforts of globalization.

Keywords:France professions, mutual recognition, European Union