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The Debates on the Foreigners' Right to Take Office as Public Employees in Japan Su Chun-pin

Because of globalization, the international flow of the work force is very common. Nowadays, immigrant laborers work not only in private enterprises but also in governments. Under the principle of national sovereignty, however, whether foreigners can be employed by governments as public employees is an arguable issue. This paper, therefore, takes Japan's cases and studies the debates on the foreigners' right to take office as public employees. Firstly, this paper focuses on the political rights and examines the guarantee of foreigners' human rights in Japan. Secondly, it introduces the debates on the foreigners' right to become public employees both in the central and local governments. Thirdly, it analyzes the case of foreigners and the examination of the managerial class in Tokyo, which is an important judicial decision about this issue.

Keywords:foreigners, public employees, national sovereignty, human rights, globalization