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Analysis on Examination System under Globalization:Including Experience of the US, the UK, Japan and Korea Kuo Yu-ying & Su Wen-shin

Globalization represents economic, political, social and cultural interaction and interdependence among countries, and results in the promotion of global governance, which is an important process of good governance. Based on cross-country learning and comparison, this paper first illustrates Taiwan examination system, and then the examination systems of American, British, Japan and Korea. There are three concluding remarks as follows:
1.Flexible recruitment: non-competitive recruitment examinations and recruiting contracting manpower as well as persons from the private or non-profit sectors can be considered.
2.Various types of examination: interviews, achievement tests, adaptive tests and logic, reasoning tests should be enhanced.
3.New subjects of examination: knowledge of international situations and foreign languages should be strengthened and put into examination.

Keywords:globalization, global governance, examination system