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The Development of Examination Power from the Context of Civil Service System Reform Tsai Liang-wen

The effect of the new public management theories has given rise to the prevailing governmental renovation and civil service system reform since 1980 in ROC. As the functions of the Examination Yuan in respect of personnel administration and civil service system are constitutional, no reform of the civil service system may be proceeded without consideration of the constitution or constitutional spirit. Therefore, this essay is first to provide a comprehensive analysis and exposition of the historical development of the examination power so as to clarify the concept and scope of the examination power. Further, discussions will be focused on the thread of our civil service system reform from an overall and omnibearing perspective in consideration of the environmental need, the need to realize expert politics, the need to realize democratic governance, and the need to accomplish the political development engineering of the civil service system reform. Then, I will discourse on the purport and direction of actively consolidating the operation of examination power and adjusting the mechanism of civil service system.

Keywords:civil service system, examination power, power division, expert politics, reinventing government, democratic governance, political development