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Flexible Welfare - The Latest Trend of Employee Welfare Development Tsai Chi-Hsian2009-12-23
Analysis of Pay and Benefits System of Civil Servants Tsai Liang-Wen2009-12-23
A Comparative Analysis of Civil Service Pay System among Taiwan, the USA, and Japan Chuang Suo-Hang & Lin Mu-Chin2009-12-23
Relationship Marketing and Customer- Oriented Principles in Public Sectors Chu Cheng-Ming2009-12-23
Exploration of the Measurement of Promotion for Civil Service : A Comparative Analysis of Gender Differences Huang Huan-Jung2009-12-23
On the Development of European Union's Professional Qualification Mutual Recognition Systems Huang Ching-Chang2009-12-23
Nominative Processes of Political Appointee in USA Chang Shih- Hsien & Twu Kae- Lin2009-12-23
New Instrument for Regulatory Governance: Regulatory Impact Assessment Cheng Kuo-Tai2009-12-23
Research on the Innovation of Civil Service Retirement System Wang Wen-Jong2009-12-23
A Study of the Fairness Measurement of the Government's Administrative Reformation on the Globalization and Pluralistic Societies in Taiwan: the Case of the 85 Pension Project Chen Cheng-Liaou2009-12-23
Directions and Insights of Reform in Taiwan Civil Service Retirement System Shao Ai-Ju2009-12-23
The Reform of the Retirement System of Civil ServantsN:ot Swim with the Tide Huang Shih-Hsin2009-12-23
Analysis and Study of the Current Retirement and Indemnity System for Civil Servants and Its Reform Tsai Liang-Wen2009-12-23
The Current Issues and Reforms Concerning the Retirement System of Civil Servants Hsu Pin-Song2009-12-23
Analysis and Expectation of the Reform Plan on the Current Retirement System Wu Tai-Cheng2009-12-23
The Norms and Enforcement System of Political Activity for Federal Employees in the United States Yang Wu-Lung2009-12-22
Review and Improvement of Military Instructors??Promotion System Huang Tai-Sheng Mo Hsin-Ping2009-12-22
From Local Governance and Town Corporation Analysis the Equilibrious Development of Urban and Village in R.O.C. Chang Kuei-Mei2009-12-22
A Study on the Ways for Training Political Appointees Peter Jin-Fu Chen2009-12-22
The Present Civil Service System of R.O.C. : Opinions for Review and Improvement Yen Chiu-Lai2009-12-22