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The main function of the power of examination is to create of a sound civil service and establish a clean and efficient government. The institution and maintenance of an objective and fair examination and recruitment system can avoid the abuses of appointments for personal gains and "pork barrel politics" and ensure the establishment of a system that rewards excellence. By managing the quality and quantity of professional occupations and technical personnel and elevating their professional levels, the Examination Yuan helps ensure public interests and people's rights to life, physical safety and property. In so doing, it can contribute to forging a competent and efficient government that serves the people's welfare and interests. The current civil service system, which has been revised repeatedly to meet the ever changing needs of society, has worked remarkably well in recruiting, nurturing, employing and retaining talent.


In an era of global competition and the knowledge-based economy, the public's eagerness for government reform and policy implementation has been on the rise. The caliber of the civil service corps is a key element in determining the success of national efforts towards democratization, the rule of law, and government efficiency. In view of today's international scene, countries around the world are working aggressively to institute administrative reforms, adopt comprehensive national development strategies, and adjust government structural functions in response to the intense challenges all around us. The Examination Yuan shoulders the heavy responsibility of administering the national examination and civil service personnel systems. In order to accommodate government reform and boost Taiwan's international competitiveness, the Examination Yuan must be establish a comprehensive reform plan and evaluate past policies, so that it can become an effective human resource department that can cultivate the talent a modern government needs. It shall further develop human resources to boost civil service capacity and morale, and stimulate civil servants' passion for public service, encouraging greater willingness to take on responsibility and actively solve the problems of the people. As we embark on these efforts, the Examination Yuan calls on all civil servants to make every effort to serve the public with integrity, honesty, professionalism, efficiency, and neutrality to build a highly efficient and responsive government and upgrade overall national competitiveness.