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The primary function of the examination branch of government is to create a sound civil service system and promote clean and effective government. Through objective and fair examination and recruitment mechanisms, the Examination Yuan eliminates favoritism in hiring while actively promoting a meritocracy to create government institutions characterized by integrity and competence while optimizing public wellbeing. By managing the quality and quantity of professional and technical personnel while raising their professional standards, the organization helps ensure the rights and interests of the public including their right to life, body, and property. The Examination Yuan faithfully carries out its Constitutional duties, collaborates in implementing national development and government administrative reforms, and is committed to selecting outstanding talent and improving the personnel system, playing a stabilizing and uplifting role in the quest for national and social progress and prosperity.

In a modern society that emphasizes speed and mobility, the public has diverse needs and high expectations for government and the quality of civil service manpower has a major impact on the effectiveness of public sector services. To address these issues the Examination Yuan, as the national human resources department, assesses existing circumstances, collaborates to meet the requirements for sustainable national development, cultivates the administrative and management talent that a modern government requires, and continuously undertakes critical reviews and improvements to meet contemporary needs.