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From Region Governance Research the Legal Status of Township and Function Transformation Chang Kuei-mei

The 21st century came into the Post-Capitalism era; the Model M society has already taken place, the global inflation try to go up. It's the same time to enforce the local governing to upgrade the national competitiveness for the basic local autonomy in the democratic state, it's  very important to trample the social society. It gives consideration to be balanced development with urban and rural areas. Nearly 1/3 of the people in our country live in concentrated communities in the large metropolis area of Taipei. Whether among them the Tao Yuan county could become the aviation city around the Asian-Pacific Operation Center and network center of Asian-Pacific information in the future, there are a lot of problem to solve, but the balanced development and place in urban and rural areas are managed and integrated with globalization for primary affair in the future.
According to Regional Economic Development theory, the theory can divide into the Theories of Balanced and Unbalanced Regional Economic Development; there is its different suitability with different national conditions and development of various countries. Unbalanced Regional Economic Development admitted the true of the regional unbalanced, maintain some areas take the lead in taking off, make its economy grow up and drive developed area once again fast, it is conspicuous that it was economic benefits goal that was especially emphasized, it focuses on the better area of factor of production and basic condition and gives the policy favorably. To think the development prosperity and decline of the regional economy, depend on the quality and transformation of the industrial structure of this mainly area, and the quality of the industrial structure depends on every economic department in the area again, especially the stage that the specialized department of the leading factor is in during industrial product lifecycle. And cause new products, new technology, new thought and new production management innovated and organizing the method etc. It will cause the polarization among the areas too to economic development of the surrounding area, but there is its puzzlement with no alternative in the area of the regional disparate development, but should prevent developing the out-of-balance vicious circle.
In addition, still having theory of radiating in regional economic development, its main characteristic is, 1.Radiation theory is a two-way course, the mutual radiation of object of different energy; 2.The result of radiation is to even up the energy between objects gradually with transmission of energy; 3.So long as the energy of an object is higher than other objects around, the quantity of energy going out in net radiation is greater than the quantity of energy absorbed naturally; 4.The nearer the distance between two objects energy is the greater in radiation.
And the media of radiating in regional economic development, integrated level of market determined for road, traffic, information, etc. influence the validity of radiation directly. In the theory of radiation, the capital must flow in the area with high efficiency in investment. Initial stage, the marginal benefit of the capital of main city is relatively high, the capital flows from surrounding area to main city; Analogous to will return to the phenomenon of flowing after long period. With the view of the long-term, the flow between main city and surrounding area of the capital is not merely favorable to the economic development and modernization drive of the main city, and is favorable to economic development of the surrounding area and modernized course.
This essay will discuss the present zoning urban and rural areas in Taiwan, to solve the balanced problem of development in urban and rural areas for integrating with globalization; Today in the 21st century, in the meantime urban and rural areas equilibrium development must integrate, it's a question to solve local autonomy and raise the competitiveness in globalization; In this essay, we will find the approach to solve this problem .

Keywords:region governance, function transformation, equilibrium development, radiation theory