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The Impact of the Information Society to the Lin Tzu-Ming Chuang Ching-Min Lin Jhe-Yu Lian Jiunn-Woei Shih Yung-Yu2009-12-22
Training of Civil Service's Policy Marketing Competency:Example of Marketing Information System Fu Yueh-Pang2009-12-22
On the Information and Communication Technologies and the Third Sector Chiang Min-Hsiu Liu Yi-Chuan2009-12-22
Digital Learning and the Momentum of Civil Service System Tsai Liang-Wen2009-12-22
E-Learning & Civil Service Training Liu Shou-Cheng2009-12-22
The Effect of Organizational and Individual Factors on Employees' Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Public Sector By Hsia Tao-Wei2009-12-22
The Meaning of Applying Performance Evaluation in Government Knowledge Management By Liu Chao-Po2009-12-22
Practice and Utilization of Knowledge Management in Government Agencies By Kao Su-Chen2009-12-22
Knowledge Management and Innovation - with the Civil Service Welfare as an Exemplar By Tsai Chi-Shyan2009-12-22
An Analysis of the Social Network and Personal Knowledge Management in the Public Sector By Liu I-Chun2009-12-22
Knowledge Management and Applications in the Civil Service in Taiwan - The National Civil Service Institute Experience By Lee Sung-Hsien2009-12-22
Implementing Organizational Learning Through Knowledge Management - The Experience of Central Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan By Wu San-Ling2009-12-22
Public Administration with an Attitude "Change for the People with People" to Prompt and Abridge the Value of Knowledge Management By Li Tzung-Shiun2009-12-22
An Analysis of Knowledge Management and Human Resources Utilization Implemented by the Examination Yuan of the Republic of China By Tsai Liang-Wen2009-12-22
Research on the Regulation Related to National Security and Grand Interest by Checking the Character and Loyalty of the Civil Servant / Wang Wen-Jong2009-12-22
Implications and Development of Knowledge-Based Government By Lin Chia-Cheng2009-12-22
The Core Values of Administrative Ethics for Mid-level Managers / Chan Ching-Fen2009-12-22
A Probe into the Ethic Criteria of Administration by Public Servants in Taiwan / Pao Chung - Hsien2009-12-22
A Study of the Promotion of Citizenship Ethics for Civil Service / Guh Muh-Chyng2009-12-22
The Application of Organizational Development Intervention in Forwarding the Core Value of the Public Servants / Wang Ching-Wen, Fan Kai-Tang2009-12-22