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2021132Governing Competencies of Public Servants: Perspective of Sustainable CityHsiu-Chuan Tsai1-32
2021132An Ethical Reflection on “Nudging” Policy ToolsChen-Kuo Shih33-64
2021132Institutional Analysis of Youth Public Participation: Government Youth Task Force and Representativeness FormationYun-Hsiang Hsu, Wei-Ying Sung, Feng-Yan Tzeng65-90
2021132When AI Joins the Government: A Reflection on AI Application and Public Administration TheoryHsini Huang, Kuan-Chiu Tseng, Zhou-Peng Liao, Don-Yun Chen91-114
2021132The Core Concept of Service-oriented Smart Government: Challenges and Strategies of Government Data GovernanceLo-Wei Lee, Pin-Yu Chu115-151
2021131Exploration of Policy Integration Theory in the Post-New Public Management EraChang-Yen Lee, Rene Ying-Yu Chen, Shu-Chuan Tseng1-34
2021131Why Are Civil Servants Silent? Exploring the Influence of Power Distance and Employees’ Silent Behavior on Job Satisfaction in the Public SectorKai-Jo Fu, Ting-Yu Kuo35-66
2021131An Examination of the Meanings and Antecedents of Employee Well-beingHuan-Jung Huang67-103
2021131Contest and Reform: The Problem of Effectiveness in Government Service Quality Award via Facebook ManagementDon-Yun Chen, Shih-Wei Yang, Chi-Jung Lu105-140
2021131The Policy of Designated National Language Hakka as a Regional Language: Learning from Ontario’s Experience in CanadaPao-Chien Wang141-178
2020124Inspiration of Taiwan’s Battle against COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020: A Policy Tools PerspectiveSsu-Ming Chang1-32
2020124Rebuild Taiwan’s Island Development Act: Learning from the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 of the UKPao-Chien Wang33-60
2020124Developmental State: Singapore’s Bureaucratic Innovation, Administrative Service, and the Evolution of Its Governing RegimesHuei-Huang Wang61-96
2020124Does Similarity Increase Subordinates’ Satisfaction? A Perspective of Leader-Member Exchange TheoryTing-Hung Wang, Hsiang-Kai Dong, Chung-Yuang Jan 99-136
2020124Role Conflicts and Adaptation of Faculty Members Who Serve as University Administrators: A Case Study of National Chengchi UniversityShi-Chiung Yang, Zong-Xian Huang, Tong-Yi Huang137-170
2020124Evaluating the Influence of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 760 on Police Personnel, Education and Training SystemSzu-Wei Wu171-199
2020123A Review of Taiwan’s Protection Against COVID-19 from the Perspective of Policy PhilosophiesJen-Hui Hsu, Yun-Huei Chiu1-16
2020123An Exploration of Establishing Regional Hakka Cultural Cooperation OrganizationPao-Chien Wang17-44
2020123Factors of Influencing Civil Servants’ Job Turnover IntentionTzu-Cheng Yu, Hsiang-Kai Dong45-86
2020123Anti-corruption Institutions in Taiwan: A Holistic Governance PerspectiveLi-Wei Chen87-129