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2019111How Does Red Tape Influence Public Service Motivation? A Study of 2011 Taiwan Government Bureaucrats SurveyDon-Yun Chen, Chien-Hsun Huang35-71
2019111Segregation or Convergence? Changes of Political Attitudes of Members of ROC Armed Forces during the Process of DemocratizationYi-Ming Yu73-107
2019111Policy Problems of Urban Hakka: The Example of New Taipei CityPao-Chien Wang109-130
2018104An Alternative Vision of Reforming Taiwan's Civil Service Performance Evaluation System: The Perspective of Performance ManagementYue-Chang Lu 1-23
2018104Red Tape and Organizational Performance: The Case of TaiwanDon-Yuan Chen, Yu-Chin Chien 25-60
2018104The Restrictions on Public Officials’ Political Activities in JapanChun-Pin Su 61-81
2018104The Interaction between Political Appointees and Civil Servants under Democratic Governance: A Content Analysis of “Yes Minister”Chi-Jung Lu, Li-Chun Lin, Don-Yun Chen85-118
2018103A Preliminary Study of the Japanese Long-term Care Insurance Act: Lessons for TaiwanShu-Hsin Lin 1-28
2018103 Critical Methods of Civil Service Selection System: An International Experience ComparisonThomas C.-P. Peng, Chunta Lee 29-54
2018103Does Public Administration Education Make a Difference? A Study on Job Confidence and Public Service Motivation of New FunctionariesChaomeng J. Huang, Hsiu-Chuan Yen 55-84
2018103Legislation and Development of Hakka Basic Act: An Analysis of Act’s Amendments in 2018Pao-Chien Wang 85-113
2018102Evidence-based Policy Making and Data Analysis: Challenges and ProspectsWen-Jong Juang1-20
2018102Professional Divergence as an Alternative Type of Cross-boundary Governance Issue: A Preliminary Exploration Using the Ministry of Health and Welfare as an ExampleI-Chun Liu, Don-Yun Chen, Chao-Yi Lin, I-Hua Lai 21-52
2018102Implementation and Prospect of Long-term Care Policy in Taiwan: An Analysis Based on Public-Private Partnership GovernanceRong-Yang Huang, Yu-Han Chen 53-83
2018102How to Evaluate Administrative Performance of Morality Policy? A Case of Taiwan Local Governments’ Animal ProtectionChuanghsien Wu 85-114
2018101Fiscal Austerity and Public AdministrationJen-Hui Hsu 1-19
2018101An Exploratory Study of Government Internal Labor Market in Taiwan: Balance of Interest between Individuals and OrganizationsBennis Wai-Yip So21-58
2018101The Impact of Act on Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflict of Interest on Local Clean GovernanceNai-Hui Chuang, Hao-Lin Yuan59-92
2018101Revisiting the Issue of Political Neutrality vs. Administrative Neutrality? Past Choices and Future DevelopmentChung-Yung Hsiung93-120
201794The Strategic Thinking and Practice of Gender Mainstreaming Policy: Achieving the Goal by Implementing Family-Friendly PolicyChiung-Ling Chang1-28