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200913Exploring the Impact of E-Government: Perspective from Internal CustomersTong-Yi Huang25-53
200913Theory of Public-Private Partnership and Its Implications for Human Resource Management: A Case Study of the Draft of the "Mechanism for Exchange of Personnel between the Public and Private Sectors"Keng-Ming Hsu 55-79
200913Identifying Factors of the Fiasco of the Jian-Chen Roundabout Regeneration Project: Participatory Governance PerspectiveHen-Chin Chen, Wei-Chien Luang81-124
200913The Roles of Policy Entrepreneurs in the Policy Marketing ProcessBing-Yan Lu125-158
200912Policy DelayShoei-Po Lin1-20
200912Accountability through Transparency:The Foundation of Rebuilding Trust between Government Officials and Citizens under Democratic Governance in TaiwanDon-Yun Chen21-55
200912The Flexible Strategies of the UK Public Service Reforms: A Historical Institutional Approach AnalysisRong-Yang Huang57-90
200912A Study of the Impact of the Draft Regulations for Contract-Based Employees on the Current Civil Service SystemSun-Jyi Ke91-118
200912Decentralization of Personnel Authority to Local Governments: A Discussion of 2007 Amendment of Local Government Act Articles 56 and 62Wu-Lung Yang, Chung-Yung Hsiung119-143
200912Assessing the Design of the Performance-C Rating System for Civil Servants in TaiwanJong H. Huang, Chien-Hung Lin145-170
200912Current Issues on Civil Service's Performance Appraisal System: Equal Principle PerspectiveChiung-Ling Chang171-197
200911Theoretical Implications of a Clean GovernmentChung-Yi Lin, Ruei-Feng Wang1-25
200911The Study of Revolving Door Regulations in Civil Servants ActSun-Jyi Ke, I-Chu Liu, Ruey-Tai Tsao, Hui-Tang Chang27-50
200911How to Eradicate Corruption: The Analysis of Four ApproachesCheng Wang51-76
200911Rethinking to Discourse of Ethics of Public Service and Ethical Praxis:From the Assumption of Human NatureLi-Yi Hsu77-96
200911Reconstructing a Clean Government:Public Service Ethics PerspectivesChe-Shen Chang97-113
200911An Analysis of a Clean Government and Public Service EthicsChing-Hsiou Chen115-137
200911A Study of the Enactments of Whistle-Blowing of Civil Service for Anti-corruption:Reinforcement Theory ApproachMuh-Chyng Guh139-159