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9th Term (September 1996 - August 2002)



  • August - Hsu Shui-teh and Kuan Chung are appointed president and vice president of the ninth Examination Yuan, respectively. Wang Chuan-lu and 16 others are named commissioners.
  • September - Chen Chin-jang is appointed Minister of Examination and Cheyne J.Y. Chiu, Minister of Civil Service.
  • October - The Civil Service Protection Law is promulgated.


  • March - Wu Wan-lan is named Secretary-General of the Examination Yuan.


  • January - A seminar on the civil service system and national development is held.
  • November - The Organic Act of the National Civil Service Institute is promulgated.


  • January - A civil service human resources development conference is held. Kuo Guang-hsiung, Chen Ying-hau, and Tsai Cheng-wen are appointed commissioners of the ninth Examination Yuan; Wu Wan-lan, Minister of Examination; and Wu Hung-hsieng, Secretary-General of the Examination Yuan.
  • May - A national personnel administration convention and a seminar on the civil service pension fund are held.
  • July - The Medical Personnel Management Act is promulgated. The National Civil Service Institute is formally established.


  • April - Amendments to the Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China passed by the fifth session of the National Assembly are promulgated.
  • May - The Civil Service Promotion Act is promulgated. Liu Chu-chih is appointed Minister of Examination; Wu Rong-ming, Minister of Civil Service; and Chou Hung-hsien, Chairman of the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission.
  • September- A conference on political change and civil service system is held.


  • January - Chuan Hsien Building of the Examination Yuan is inaugurated. Hsu Ching-fu is appointed Secretary-General of the Examination Yuan.
  • November- A conference is held to address the major civil service issues, and the Examination Yuan Archives Exhibition Room is established.
  • December- An international conference on the civil service career development in the 21st century is convened.


  • January - The Civil Service Training and Education Act is promulgated.
  • June - The Act for the Performance Rating of Transportation Enterprise Employee is promulgated.
  • July - The Civil Servant Association Act is promulgated.