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8th Term (September 1990 - August 1996)



  • August - Kung Te-cheng and Lin Chin-sheng are named president and vice president of the Examination Yuan, respectively. Chen Shui-feng and 18 others are appointed commissioners.
  • September - Chang Wei-i is named Secretary-General of the Examination Yuan and Wang Tso-jung, Minister of Examination.


  • February - The Customs Personnel Management Act is promulgated.
  • November - The Technologists Employment Act is promulgated.


  • July - The Act of the Establishment and Management of the Government Employee Ethics Units and Officers is promulgated.


  • April - Chiu Chuang-huan, Mao Kao-wen, and Wu Rong-ming are appointed President, Vice President, and Secretary-General of the Examination Yuan, respectively.
  • July - The Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants is promulgated.
  • August - The Act of Professionals and Technologists Transferring to Civil Service is promulgated.
  • December - The Central Personnel Administration Organizational Act is promulgated.


  • July - Amendment to the Articles of Organic Act of Examination Yuan are promulgated, allowing the establishment of departments, divisions, offices, committees.
  • August - Kuan Chung is named Minister of Civil Service.
  • December - Wu Jin-lin is appointed Secretary-General of the Examination Yuan. The Public Service Pension Fund Management Act is promulgated.


  • January - A national personnel administration convention is held. Organic Act of the Supervisory Board of Public Service Pension Fund and Organic Act of the Management Board of Public Service Pension Fund are promulgated.
  • May - The Public Service Pension Fund Supervisory Board and the Public Service Pension Fund Management Board are formally established.


  • May - The Organic Act of the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission is promulgated and Lin Chi-yuan is named Chairman of the commission.
  • June - The Civil Service Protection and Training Commission is formally established.