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4th Term (September 1966 - August 1972)



  • Sun Ke and Cheng Tien-fang are appointed President and Vice President of the fourth Examination Yuan, respectively.
  • August - Yang Liang-kung and 18 others are named commissioners, and Chung Tien-hsin is appointed secretary-general.


  • June - The Position Classification Civil Service Examination Act; the Civil Service Employment, Pay, and Performance Evaluation Acts; and the Act for Examination of Veterans Transferring to Civil Service are promulgated.
  • July - The Organic Regulations of the Central Personnel Administration are promulgated and the CPA is established.
  • November - Examination Yuan Vice President Cheng Tien-fang passes away.


  • January - Yang Liang-kung is appointed Vice President of the Examination Yuan.
  • May - The first Grade A Special Civil Service Examinations are held.
  • July - The Taipei City Government takes over the jurisdiction of the Examination Yuan-affiliated Chung Hsing Elementary School and renames it the Yung Chien Elementary School.
  • November - The Position Classification Civil Service Examination Affairs Act is promulgated.


  • April - The Contract-based Worker Employment Act and the Temporary Assigned Worker Assignment Act are promulgated.


  • July - Chung Chiao-kuang is appointed Minister of Examination.


  • February - The Political Appointee Termination Pay Act is promulgated.