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The independent power of examination is a unique feature of the Republic of China's (ROC) political system. According to Amendment Article 6 of the ROC Constitution, the Examination Yuan (branch) is the highest authority to administrate all national exams and is responsible for the examinations and management of all civil service personnel. In this capacity, it governs the qualification screening, protection, survivor relief, and retirement of civil servants, legal matters concerning the employment, discharge, performance evaluation, pay grade, promotion, transfer, commendation, and award of civil servants. In the spirit of the five-branch Constitution, the Examination Yuan exercises authority independently and enjoys equal status of the other four central government yuans, or branches (see Figure 1 for the organization of the central government) as all five branches operate in support of one another. In addition to overseeing the certification of professional and technical personnel nationwide, including the human resource planning and managing, and taking charge of matters related to the protection and training of civil servants, which make civil servants fearless of taking responsibility and willing to make efforts and enhance their abilities. The Examination Yuan, as the highest supervisory agency, is responsible for the legal structure governing government employees. As such, it is charged with establishing a sound civil service system, motivating civil servants, strengthening administrative neutrality, and instituting professional ethics.

In the age of globalization and the knowledge-based economy, in order to keep abreast of international developments, identify society's needs, and respond to the public's aspirations, the Examination Yuan must be establish a comprehensive reform plan and evaluate past policies, so that it can become an effective human resource department that can cultivate the talent a modern government needs.

  • Ministry of Examination,R.O.C(Taiwan)
  • Ministry Of Civil Service ,Republic of China(Taiwan)
  • Civil Service Protection and Training Commission
  • Public Service Pension Fund Management Board
  • National Academy of Civil Service