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Journal of Civil Service(Abstract)

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Journal of Civil Service(Abstract) Table
No. categories Subject Post Date
1 Vol.8, No.1 Invited Essay—The Trend of the Development on Civil Society in the Field of Public Administration 1/31/2016
2 Vol.8, No.1 Governance Issues and Resolutions of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis Program: A Holistic Governance Perspective 1/30/2016
3 Vol.8, No.1 A Study of Adversity Quotient and Employee Psychological Ownership 1/28/2016
4 Vol.8, No.1 When Morality Meets Deliberation: Impact of 2014 Consensus Conference of Stray Dog Policy 1/27/2016
5 Vol.7, No.4 The Formation and Development of Performance Regime under the RDEC in Taiwan 10/31/2015
6 Vol.7, No.4 The Evolution of Devolved Government in the UK: Some Implications for Reforming Taiwan’s Speical Municipality 10/30/2015
7 Vol.7, No.4 An Analysis of the Operation of Cross-Sector Collaboration Networks among Local Governments: The Case of Taipei City and New Taipei City Sharing the Water of Feitsui Reservoir 10/29/2015
8 Vol.7, No.3 Examining the Special Authority Relationship in Taiwan: Perspective of Historical Institutionalism 7/31/2015
9 Vol.7, No.3 An Analysis of the Crimes of Corruption and Judicial Decisions in Yunlin County Township Offices 7/30/2015
10 Vol.7, No.3 Reflections on Taiwan’s Civil Service Protection: From the Viewpoint of U.S. Federal Government Prohibited Personnel Practices 7/29/2015
Total132Records,Page 1/14