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1st Term (July 1948 - August 1954)



  • June - Chang Po-ling and Chia Ching-te are appointed President and Vice President of the Examination Yuan, respectively.
  • July - Chen Yi-sung and nine others are appointed commissioners of the first Examination Yuan, while Lei Fa-chang is named secretary-general of the Yuan; Tien Chiung-chin, Minister of Examination; and Shen Hung-lieh, Minister of Civil Service.
  • July - The Organic Act of Ministry of Examination is promulgated.
  • December - The Civil Service Promotion Examination Act and the Examination Affairs Act are promulgated.


  • January - The Civil Service Employment Act, the Civil Service Pay Act, and the Civil Service Performance Evaluation Act are promulgated.
  • February - Examination Yuan Secretary-General Lei and Minister of Civil Service Shen travel from Canton to Wuchou, where they decide to establish the Examination Yuan headquarters at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, and the Ministries of Examination and Civil Service offices at Kwangsi University.
  • March -Examination Yuan vice president Chia Ching-te is assigned to another post, and Niu Yung-chien is appointed his successor. Kao Yi-han and eight others are appointed commissioners.
  • May - The high-ranking officials of the Examination Yuan move into their Kwangchou office.
  • September - The Examination Yuan Kwangchou office is relocated from Chin Fu Alley of Te Hsuan East Road to 11, Shang II Heng Road on Tungshan Farm.
  • November - Examination Yuan President Chang Po-ling resigns and Vice President Niu Yung-chien is named Acting President.
  • December - The government begins operating from Taipei.


  • January - The Examination Yuan is relocated temporarily at Taipei's Confucian Temple.
  • September - The first Senior and Junior Civil Service Examinations since the government's relocation to Taiwan are held in Taipei.


  • December - The Examination Yuan moves into its new headquarters in Koutzukou in Taipei's Mucha District.


  • April - Chia Ching-te, Lo Chia-lun, and Ma Kuo-lin are appointed Examination Yuan President, Vice President, and Secretary-General, respectively. Shih Shang-kuan is named Minister of Examination, and Lei Fa-chang, Minister of Civil Service. The Yuan-affiliated Chung Hsing Elementary School opens.