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Hsu Shui-teh
  • Hsu Shui-teh
  • Term:Sept. 1996 to Aug. 2002
Academic Background
Academic Background
Ed.B., Taiwan Provincial Normal University;
Ed.M., National Chengchi University;
Reserch, Tokyo University of Education ( Tsukuba University );
Honorary Doctor of Education, East Asia University, South Korea;
Honorary Doctor of Arts, Chicago State University, U.S.A.
Career Highlights
Career Highlights
Director, Department of Education, Pingtung County Government;
Director, Kaohsiung City Department of Education;
Chief Secretary, Kaohsiung City Government;
Director, Taiwan Provincial Department of Social Affairs;
Director-general, Department of Social Affairs, Kuomintang ;
Secretary-General, Kaohsiung City Government;
Mayor, Kaohsiung City;
Mayor, Taipei City;
Minister of the Interior;
Representative, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan;
Secretary-General, Kuomintang