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Journal of Civil Service(Abstract)

The Ethnic Relationship between ‘Major Hakka Cultural Areas’ and ‘Indigenous Administrative Areas’: A case Study at the Taian Township in the Maioli County

  • Post Date:1/30/2015
  • Unit Name:Editing and Compilation Office

Taiwan government introduced the “Basic Hakka Law” in 2010 and established sixty-nine ‘Major Hakka Cultural Areas’ in 2011. Some of the Major Hakka Cultural Areas are overlapped with the indigenous peoples’ districts, designated from 1945, and the overlapped districts might be called the ‘Hakka-indigenous combined district’. The essay employs the ethnic theory as the analysis theory. The methodology is the depth interview and focus group method. Moreover, the essay pays the attention on building the key policy problems of the combined districts.
Keywords: Taiwan Hakka Ethnic, Major Hakka Cultural Areas, Indigenous Peoples’ District, Ethnic Relations, Basic Hakka Law