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Journal of Civil Service(Abstract)

An investigation of public service motivation and its antecedents of new mid-level civil servants

  • Post Date:1/30/2015
  • Unit Name:Editing and Compilation Office

An investigation of public service motivation and its antecedents of new mid-level civil servants(pdf file)

How to make civil servants more enthusiastic about the public service to cope with rapid social changes and technological advances has become an important issue in contemporary public administration. The public service motivation (PSM) drives public service behavior but how are the PSM and its antecedents of the public servants in Taiwan? This study adopted the PSM scale developed by Perry and Wise to conduct a questionnaire survey on trainees who have just passed local special examinations or been promoted from elementary level (collectively, the two groups are called “new mid-level civil servants”) to assess their PSM and to compare PSM among civil servants with different backgrounds to clarify antecedents of PSM. The results indicate that PSM of the new mid-level civil servants in Taiwan is comparable to the international level but there are significant differences in summated scores, the mean scores of constructs and a part of items of PSM between the two groups. It is also found that age, gender and educational level are antecedents of PSM. In order to construct highly effective government, these findings can be regarded as an important reference not only for future civil service examinations and trainings but also being applied to develop corresponding strategies to motivate civil servants.

Keywords: public service motivation (PSM), commitment to the public interest, compassion, self-sacrifice, attraction to policy making