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Journal of Civil Service(Abstract)

The Underlying Phenomenon and Reform Strategies of Red Envelope Culture in Funeral Services: Perspective of Rational Choice Institutionalism

  • Post Date:1/9/2015
  • Unit Name:Editing and Compilation Office

As we know, anti-corruption campaigns have been going on all around
the world as governments are actively promoting a clean public service and
instilling a culture of integrity. This paper is a practice-focused research on
the underlying phenomenon of red envelope culture in the field of funeral
service. Based on the perspective of rational choice institutionalism, the
author explicates and assesses the benefits and constraints of the given
reform strategies against corruption developed by departments of
government ethics and other related government authorities. Finally,
suggestions are provided from the perspectives of service quality assurance
and market demand and supply.
Keywords: funeral services, anti-corruption, red envelope culture, rational
choice institutionalism