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Journal of Civil Service(Abstract)

A Stakeholder Approach to Public Performance Management:Lessons of Taiwan Local Governments

  • Post Date:1/9/2015
  • Unit Name:Editing and Compilation Office

Performance management has become a widely adopted governance
tool in the public sector since 1970s. Studies have brought about a broad
understanding about performance management in the public sector in the
past three decades; however, little literature has been published on how
external factors, such as stakeholders and their influences on performance
management. The main question of this study is: how stakeholders in local
governments affect public performance management activities? The meaning
of performance management was first reviewed, and its development in the
public sector was then discussed. According to the literature, the authors
identified three major activities of performance management -- goal setting,
performance measurement, and performance feedback. A mail questionnaire
survey was conducted on middle managers of agencies/departments in
Taiwan’s local governments to collect quantitative data. According to the
research findings and discussions, some policy recommendations to the
practitioners were proposed in the final part of this study.
Keywords: stakeholder, performance management, goal setting,
performance measurement, performance feedback, local