The Examination Yuan of ROC

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No. Subject Post Date
1 An Exploration of and Reflections on the Partnership between Non-Profit Organizations and Local Governments: A Case Study of Taipei City 5/18/2015
2 The Philosophical Consistency of “Language Game” with “Process-Oriented Definition of Public Interest” 4/30/2015
3 NPO’s Commercialization Strategy and Cross-sector Governance: A Case Study of Eden Social Welfare Foundation 4/30/2015
4 An investigation of public service motivation and its antecedents of new mid-level civil servants 1/30/2015
5 The Ethnic Relationship between ‘Major Hakka Cultural Areas’ and ‘Indigenous Administrative Areas’: A case Study at the Taian Township in the Maioli County 1/30/2015
6 The Codes of Ethics of Administration of Justice for Magistrate in Ch’ing 1/30/2015
7 A Stakeholder Approach to Public Performance Management:Lessons of Taiwan Local Governments 1/9/2015
8 The Underlying Phenomenon and Reform Strategies of Red Envelope Culture in Funeral Services: Perspective of Rational Choice Institutionalism 1/9/2015
9 The Distribution of Earmark Grants:An Empirical Analysis in Chiayi City 1/9/2015
10 Ways of reforming the coordinating units between Taiwan’s central and local governments 10/31/2014
Total122Records,Page 1/13